Give it to Goodwill. The best home improvement….

One of the best things that we have done for the overall look, feel, and livability of our home is to stop holding on to so much “stuff”. It’s really amazing when you start to really get critical and identify what you don’t or wont ever use and decide to give it away. The effect has grown over time into a weekly habit which equates to… using one of our Amazon prime delivery boxes as a receptacle in the garage next to the door we come in and out of. We tend to fill a box and bring it to a Goodwill collection center weekly while running errands. You free up major space for things you really need and gain visibility to them. You help others to gain employment. You help consumers in your community get good deals. Best of all, you can get a receipt if you itemize deductions. We are constantly upgrading and changing and we give some really great almost new stuff away. For those who itemize, it can be a powerful tax deduction many miss.

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