Kasa wireless switches – impressions

Shortly after building a home it becomes apparent that electricians must live outdoors or somewhere that conveniently located light switches are simply not necessary. It seems that only half of all the light switches in my home are placed conveniently and do what you would logically want them to do.

For instance, our garage has two separate sets of exterior “sconce” lights. (One set per garage door). The only problem is that turning on the second set requires walking to the other side of the garage. Sigh….

For months I plotted…thinking I can trace the lighting in the wall, cut a huge strip of sheet rock away and wire both sets of lights to work together and patch the wall back up.

Enter Kasa. https://www.kasasmart.com/us

It solved ALL my problems with no additional wiring and best of all, no drywall work.

Kasa HS200 is a smart single gang switch rated for up to 15A. It doesn’t require a special hub to connect to it, but does require a “hot” and a “neutral” wire in the junction box you install it in. Once you “train” it, the unit is pretty much bulletproof. It recovers on its own from power outages. The iOS app downloadable in iTunes allows full control to set on / off times, auto sunset / sunrise features / auto DST and sunrise / sunset correction. One can even do IFTTT programs or engage with “Alexa” if one is into such things.

Buy TP-LINK HS200P3 Kasa Smart WiFi Switch (3-Pack) Control Lighting from Anywhere, Easy In-Wall Installation (Single-Pole Only), No Hub Required, Works With Alexa and Google Assistant, White here.

There were a lot of wi-fi connected switch options to choose from and the list keeps growing. Some with arguably better features such as iOS integration to the iOS “HOME” app which is the only thing i am bummed about KASA not being able to support. However, TP does have it’s own iOS app and it works great.

My main concern is that the switch doesnt forget how to work if the power goes out. I chose KASA because it was a TP-Link product. TP-Link is known for making internet appliances for decades now such as network switches and routers. Buying a name brand when you want a “hardened” solution makes sense. Since buying my first Kasa switch have continued to find more uses and keep adding to the “fleet.” I haven’t tried a 3 way or dimmer yet but they exist. I’ve had them for about a year now and they seem rock solid.

My favorite application thus far has been connecting to an outdoor transformer to control my low voltage lighting. The sun-up sundown feature works great.

Kasa hard at work in the crawl space controlling the outdoor low voltage transformer. After programming in the app, I have never touched this switch!

Light kiwi U8810 600w power supply

Kasa gets an 9 out of 10 for me.

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