Twisted Veins HDMI Cables- Clean up your AV setup

The octopus hanging from my bedroom television is gone.

I recently decided that part of being a grownup was having a tv setup that is a bit more “bespoke”. I’m old enough to invest a few bucks in some long AV cables to pull these connections through the wall…Especially since the house already has the holes to pull the cables through the wall. How lazy and cheap have I been?

(left) you can see the recessed TV power & low voltage box. further down the wall there should be another box. Simply drop (“fish”) your cables down to the 2nd box and pull them out to where you need them. Remember to only pull signal and low voltage cables through the wall. No TV or other appliance power cables should be temporarily pulled through the wall. These cables are not rated or approved for in-wall use.

I’m not doing anything fancy. No 4K streaming or Ethernet over HDMI. I just want to watch TV in the bedroom.

After reading a ton of reviews, I settled on twisted veins HDMI cables. They have an awesome braided protective jacket, they are gold plated, come with a bunch of freebies like a 90 degree connector, microfiber screen wipe, and Velcro reusable cable ties. Best of all No questions asked Lifetime Warranty.

So I bought 4 sets of (2) 20 footers. I have a clean TV setup in my bedroom and living room for about $80 bucks and I look like a credible adult if anyone comes over.

Twisted Veins HDMI Cable 20 ft, 2-Pack, Premium HDMI Cord Type High Speed with Ethernet, Supports HDMI 2.0b 4K 60hz HDR on Most Devices and May Only Support 4K 30hz on Some Devices

Spongebob and icecream anyone?

Example 90 degree connector included with set. Helps the TV stay very “flat” against the wall without stressing the connections.

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