Installing a “hangman” style furniture anti-tip safety bracket

These are really easy to install and there are a lot of reasons to choose this option for anti-tip safety.

The hangman concept is to prevent heavy furniture tip over by securing a solid bracket to a stud and a second bracket to the furniture and connect them to each other with two pins and an aircraft cable.

  • I like the sturdiness of the construction of these brackets & aircraft cable. They are metal not plastic.
  • Pullout is rated at 300 lbs.
  • They are temporarily able to be disconnected if you need to move furniture to get something that is behind a dresser.
  • They install fast & hide well behind furniture
  • Widely available. You can find these at various home improvement stores, Walmart, Amazon, etc.

I found a kit of 2 generic but almost identical ones on amazon for $8.99.

  1. Mark the height of the furniture on the wall. You want to ideally have the bracket at a high center of gravity to stop the furniture from gaining any acceleration in tipping.
  2. Find and mark a stud on the wall. (Use a Zircon StudSensor e50 Electronic Wall Scanner / Edge Finding Stud Finder) Remember the best spot is the center of the stud so identify both the left and right edges and mount to the center. Mount the wall bracket parallel to stud direction (vertically / lengthwise up and down) so both screws will attach to the stud. IMPORTANT Note: Do not secure these brackets to a drywall anchor as this will defeat the purpose!
  3. Each bracket comes with 2 sets of screws. Use the longer ones for the wall bracket. Mount so the top of the bracket is below the highest point you marked on the wall in step one for aesthetic purposes.
  4. Mount the second bracket to the furniture. use the remaining shorter screws for this. I had some longer screws and the furniture would allow the longer screws without any splitting or cosmetic damage. I prefer screws to be as long as possible for less chance of “pull out”.
  5. Connect the aircraft cable with the included pin to the furniture on both brackets.
  6. Pull cotter pin all the way through the connector pin
  7. Test.
  8. Put furniture back against wall

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