Clean your Dishwasher filter – a quick free way to improve dishwasher performance.

Pooling water sitting in the bottom of your dishwasher means your dishwasher is not draining properly.

Most current model dishwashers have a filter that should be periodically checked and cleaned.

Many homeowners don’t know that they can help their dish washer stay efficient by cleaning the pump filter.

Removable dishwasher pump filter.

To get started, remove the filter by twisting counter clockwise to unscrew and clear any debris that may have formed. I have also seen a few models where the filter is on the door or sidewall and opening by pulling a small tab that pries off with a little finger pressure.

Nasty gunk in the washable filter.

If your machine does not have a filter, scoop out anything that has collected at the bottom of the dishwasher.

Wash off and screw back in by turning clockwise until fully seated in dishwasher again.

All clean! Ready for dishes!

If you ever wash screw top glass jars with labels (like pasta sauce or pickle jars) to save them for other uses, the labels are notorious for falling off and clogging up the system. New mugs and other items may have stickers on them too.

While your looking at the dishwasher, check the spray arm nozzles. (The spinny things have little holes in them.) if they get clogged or blocked it also hurts the efficiency.

If you are drying a lot of plastic (I.e. you have young kids with sippy cups), the plastic won’t heat up and stay warm enough to help dry the load after the wash cycle. A rinse aid additive is essential for the cleanest, driest dishes. Add in the little fill chamber and periodically top off.

Try these rinse aids for really dry clean dishes! We use Cascade Platinum with great results.

Cascade Platinum Rinse Aid 16 oz (155 loads)

Finish Jet-Dry Aid, 23oz, Dishwasher Rinse Agent & Drying Agent, 23 Ounce (Pack of 1), Plum & Navy, 23 Fl Oz

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