In-wall shelf trim replacement

I am not a wood worker. Generally the best I can hope for is to make big wood smaller.

I built some functional in-wall shelving a while back and decided to try my hand with a router. The results were terrible.

Basically the idea was to build a box that could screw between two studs and put holes on each side for shelf pins.

Thin homemade router trim. Terrible idea. Hang my head in shame.

I used the kreg shelf pin jig to make the evenly spaced holes when I originally built these. Kreg makes some great products.

I then proceeded to make some really terrible trim for the outside with my dewalt laminate router.

I have lived with this for a couple of years and really just hate it every time I see it.

Anyhoo… my wife went out of town for a few days. Perfect time to rip apart something in her vanity area right?

I started to pry away the trim but the drywall started to peel immediately. So i stopped and cut around the perimeter with a razor blade to free any caulk seal.

Cut any caulk seal before demo to make sure the drywall doesn’t rip.
Peel off any junk and get a flat surface to work with.
I like to mark an “x” on the side I plan to throw away and the angle of a cut.

I decided to use composite (fake wood) trim. Its perfectly smooth so it makes for a better finished product. The closer you start to perfect, the better the possibility you will end up somewhere close to there. It also is already white. So no priming and for now I’m not going to paint it. It looks great as-is.

DeWalt compound miter saw. Set at 45 degrees.

This DeWalt miter saw is really easy to set. there are de-tent positions for standard angles such as 45 degrees. I used to like small saws but now the bigger the better. More power = smoother faster cuts.

Air nail in place
Fill any holes and edges with white caulk.

This looks so much better.

If you have a project to fix this weekend, don’t forget to vacuum and clean up too.

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