Easy fix Freezer problems

Last night the ice cream seemed soft indicating something might be amiss with this essential appliance.

Further inspection revealed that there was a large buildup of ice in the back of the freezer reducing the proper circulation of air.

I removed most of this with a putty knife.

Some of the ice I removed. There was a LOT. Put an old towel under the area you are working to save time on cleanup. I didn’t!

Further I noticed ice and crud build up that was possibly causing the door to not shut easily or completely.

I removed these tracks by unscrewing them

Only 3 screws hold in each assembly

I put everything I took out of the freezer that was part of the freezer in the shower and washed it with hot water. Then I carefully dried to remove all moisture as any little bit would cause the bearings to work poorly upon re-freezing.

Bath time for your appliances.
All cleaned and dried!
Finished cleaning. Wipe out any remaining moisture with a towel.

It’s also really important for the door to seal keeping warm air out and cold air in. I wiped down all the refrigerator and freezer door seals and their respective mating surfaces with Clorox wipes. You will be amazed at what looks clean but is most likely very dirty if you have never cleaned these before. Sometimes after cleaning them the door will mate so nicely that it feels difficult to pull the door open from the low pressure vacuum created by the cold air inside. This is desirable as it will really help the units efficiency by reducing air leaks.

Wipe down seals and mating surfaces.

In about an hour the ice cream was solid and there were no wet spots in the freezer.

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