Astro turf

I have spots that are a mucky mess under the outdoor play set. The grass just doesn’t grow well and the weeds are a pain to constantly wack.

So I’m opting for a fast fix here. I found several companies on Amazon that sell this stuff. make sure you get the kind with “drainage holes” so it stays dry over time.

While waiting for my order to arrive, I sprayed the area with a vegetation killer (aka herbicide.) The one I like best these days is called “Total Vegetation Killer.” With a name like that how could it not work?

Now For instant gratification…putting this stuff down is so very simple.

  • Unpack.
  • Cut to fit. I opted for scissors over a knife for this small job as it helped me slow down and keep a consistent cut. I also used a drywall T-square to check my measurement as I cut.
  • Hammer down with yard staples. Done.

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