Tips for gas powered weed eaters

Grass season is in high gear and about once a week it’s time to mow. Enter my most unfavorite pastime. Weed whacking.

Weed eaters (string trimmers by their proper name) are temperamental creatures. But is have learned a few secrets that will keep them from ruining your day.

The edge of the string trimmer blade needs to be sharp. Use a file, Dremel, sandpaper, anything handy to keep a moderately sharp edge.

The string trimmer has a blade on the underside of the guard that keeps the string at an even length when you bump it on the ground to release more line. This keeps your cut even.

I used to use my own oil and gas mix. One day after spending half an hour trying to start one of my string trimmers, I decided to try TruFuel. True fuel is premixed high octane gas with oil. It has a 1 year (possibly more) shelf life. Since I began using it, my string trimmers, chainsaw, and leaf blower all start the first try!

You can buy premixed fuel on Amazon or in big box home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s in the yard section.

TruFuel premixed gas and oil does wonders for keeping your lawn equipment in optimal ready to use condition. It probably comes out to an extra $.50 cents per use but saves you half an hour of starting frustration and rebuilding carburetors!

If you still have a mental block on premix, I prefer the cheapest oil available. Super tech has always worked fine for me. I add a little Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer to the mix as regular gas goes bad pretty quickly.

If you must mix your own.

Last tip. For fast work…Get 2 string trimmers! It may sound crazy but stopping to restring your trimmer always ends up taking longer than expected. I always end up thirsty…then notice I forgot to empty the trash and so on.

Happy trimming! Wear safety glasses and hearing protection.

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