Cordless shop vac trick

My cordless RIDGID 18v XLi shop vac is probably my favorite tool. For being battery powered, it has loads or run time good suction. I tried the Dewalt and it is good for picking up sawdust and paper clips. The RIDGID unit can pick up a full canister of rocks without stopping. One just needs to keep the filter clean and the filters are not inexpensive.

So here is an amazing secret…You can operate your shop vac in reverse as a blower without the collection canister attached to the bottom of it.

Why on earth would angone do this? ….To clean the filter.

Take your shop vac outside, put the hose on the exhaust port, remove collection canister, turn on and point the hose at the filter. Cleans fast, saves money on buying new filters! Reassemble when finished.

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