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Whole Home Portable Backup Generator project Part 1 – the DuroMax XP13000EH portable generator

This post details safely connecting a portable generator to your home electrical panel to power essential power items such as refrigerators and lighting.

Easy fix Freezer problems

Before you call out the repairman try these simple steps to get your freezer ice cold.

Opening crawl space vents in Spring

Opening your crawl space vents is necessity each spring. Here’s how to do it.

In-wall shelf trim replacement

I am not a wood worker. Generally the best I can hope for is to make big wood smaller. I built some functional in-wall shelving a while back and decided to try my hand with a router. The results were terrible. Basically the idea… Continue Reading “In-wall shelf trim replacement”

Installing your own Hot-tub spa.

It is possible to install your own hot tub but pay critical attention to codes and manufacturers instructions. This article presents some Electrical and site considerations for properly installing a hot-tub spa.

Attic Office Addition Part 3…Starting over again

Determined to set things straight and do things safely and right, i pulled a building permit with the local county. I then proceeded to find any information on the original build of the house and how it was constructed. While i was doing that,… Continue Reading “Attic Office Addition Part 3…Starting over again”

Connecting Extension cords together.

It occurred to me as I connected my shop vac to an extension cord that there is an old trick that is very valuable to keep cords from coming undone while using them. Simply hold in one hand. Cross the cords and loop twisting… Continue Reading “Connecting Extension cords together.”

Installing HALO 6” No-Can recessed LED lights

Adding “No Can” LED ceiling lights is a fast easy and low cost way to brighten up a room.

Attic Office Addition Part 2, …mistakes were made.

Link to part 1. I began in earnest. Trips back and forth to Home Depot. You can put a lot in a SUV but it’s nothing like having a trailer or a truck. By the time you go to the big box store,… Continue Reading “Attic Office Addition Part 2, …mistakes were made.”

Clean your Dishwasher filter – a quick free way to improve dishwasher performance.

Keep your dishwasher cleaning dishes at peak efficiency by doing this simple free trick.