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Attic Office Addition Part 4 – “bring in the troops”

Once I had the structure and walls sorted out, I decided I really didn’t want to get out on the roof and I was already 8 months in on this project. So I cheated. I hired professionals to cut out the roof and build… Continue Reading “Attic Office Addition Part 4 – “bring in the troops””

Attic Office Addition – Part 5 interior work, Ceiling joists and HVAC.

Once the exterior walls were done and dried in, finishing up the ceiling rafters was relatively easy. One of the biggest challenges was navigating a heavy LVL into position on the ceiling by myself. In retrospect two 2x10s nailed together would have carried any… Continue Reading “Attic Office Addition – Part 5 interior work, Ceiling joists and HVAC.”

Attic Office Addition Part 1- Lofty Ambitions

Visions of coffered ceilings, bespoke wooden panelling, perfectly smooth flowing walls, and greatness all filled my mental space at once as I stood on a 3’x3’ plywood square left atop the kitchen ceiling joists in our unfinished attic space. I mentally breathed it all… Continue Reading “Attic Office Addition Part 1- Lofty Ambitions”

Installing a “hangman” style furniture anti-tip safety bracket

Installing a “hangman” style furniture anti-tip safety bracket is a great way to provide peace of mind and secure your furniture from accidental tip-over.

Take care when staking trees

Today I got a close look at some evergreens that we planted a few years ago. They have grown like crazy. I remember when we bought them at the nursery and we stuffed a dozen of them “root-balls and all” into our SUV with… Continue Reading “Take care when staking trees”

Reflections on commercial quality office chairs.

While some purchases initially appear prohibitively expensive upfront, the long term benefits are often greater and the cost is ultimately less overall.

Patching Drywall & Touching up marks and spots

The easy way to repair dings and holes in drywall fast. Make years of holes, nicks, and marks on your walls disappear almost instantly.

Return air ventilation. Often overlooked, always needed.

Air return considerations are just as essential as supply vents in livable spaces. Find out why and what you can do to improve air circulation, temperature, and quality.

Adding under counter low voltage lighting

Adding permanent low voltage LED strip lights under your kitchen cabinets may be easier than you think. Here’s how to do it!

Twisted Veins HDMI Cables- Clean up your AV setup

The octopus hanging from my bedroom television is gone. I recently decided that part of being a grownup was having a tv setup that is a bit more “bespoke”. I’m old enough to invest a few bucks in some long AV cables to pull… Continue Reading “Twisted Veins HDMI Cables- Clean up your AV setup”