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Caulk – Choosing “the right stuff”

Not long ago I made a dramatic change. I decided to stop buying cheap white caulk. My previous thought process was that if you can’t see the difference, the difference isn’t there. Well…I found out that’s not true. Enter “Sashco” Sashco makes LEXEL… Continue Reading “Caulk – Choosing “the right stuff””

Kasa wireless switches – impressions

Shortly after building a home it becomes apparent that electricians must live outdoors or somewhere that conveniently located light switches are simply not necessary. It seems that only half of all the light switches in my home are placed conveniently and do what you… Continue Reading “Kasa wireless switches – impressions”

Doors that swing shut by themselves

Sometimes a door seems to inexplicably swing open as if propelled by an unseen force. simple fix. Pull one hinge pin out slightly, tap the exposed hinge pin with a hammer on its side to put a slight bend in the pin. Gently tap… Continue Reading “Doors that swing shut by themselves”