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Label small engine fuel tanks

Keep your small engine fuel requirements straight by simply labeling your fuel tanks

Pool pests

Installing an inground pool may have more of an ecological effect on your property than you think. There are many biosystems we do not notice around us. By digging up dirt and binging in rock we expose areas of earth that have potentially been… Continue Reading “Pool pests”

Little Giant Pool APCP-1700 cover pump and “Cover Blaster” review

If you have a built in recessed cover on your pool you have to get rid of the water on top when it rains or your cover will eventually end up damaged or at the bottom of the pool. There are many auto sensing… Continue Reading “Little Giant Pool APCP-1700 cover pump and “Cover Blaster” review”

Take care when staking trees

Today I got a close look at some evergreens that we planted a few years ago. They have grown like crazy. I remember when we bought them at the nursery and we stuffed a dozen of them “root-balls and all” into our SUV with… Continue Reading “Take care when staking trees”

Bad Boy Zero Turn Elite Valve cover leak repair

How to Fix a leaking valve cover on a zero turn mower. This is a common cause of oil leaks on riding mowers and very easily corrected with little time or money. Do it before it causes a catastrophic engine failure. $5 now can save a thousand later!