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When I started working in earnest on my upstairs attic office addition I found that the resources available at the local library were completely lacking. There was a lot of information and books available on crafting and hobbies like building furniture but NOTHING on light construction.

Yes…home construction and renovation (framing, electrical, plumbing, air conditioning ) in a residential home setting is considered “light construction” because it typically does not require a lot of “Heavy Equipment” (Cranes, Large Excavators, etc.)

I now have a more comprehensive collection of construction books than my local library and I consider them essential reference material.

For starters, anything from Michael W. Litchfield is pure gold. There are 5+ editions now. At the time I bought the 4th edition had been published. I opted for edition 3 because the reviews of edition 4 said that some detail of core essentials were omitted in favor of updating some newer building materials and techniques but did not outweigh the practicality of how to Information presented in Edition 3.

Renovation 5th Edition: Completely Revised and Updated is now out and I’m itching to get it.

Black & Decker has some great books too.

The Complete guide to attics and basements is a great go-to. As you can see from the picture buying used is a great way to save money. You will year these up anyways if you use them regularly. A great benefit to buying used library books is they usually laminate softcover books so you end up with a more durable copy.

Black & Decker Codes for Homeowners 4th Edition: Current with 2018-2021 Codes – Electrical – Plumbing – Construction – Mechanical (Black & Decker Complete Guide) is also amazing! it’s highly responsible for my passing every local inspection (framing, electrical, fire, mechanical, insulation) the first time on my office addition!

Heres one more. If you have never framed anything, it looks simple to watch a pro do it as you drive by in the car. However, framing is really tricky and there is no one single option to use. This book demystified the process for me.

DEWALT Carpentry and Framing Complete Handbook (DEWALT Series)

Also get a good set of screwdrivers!

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