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Installing your own Hot-tub spa.

It is possible to install your own hot tub but pay critical attention to codes and manufacturers instructions. This article presents some Electrical and site considerations for properly installing a hot-tub spa.

Attic Office Addition Part 1- Lofty Ambitions

Visions of coffered ceilings, bespoke wooden panelling, perfectly smooth flowing walls, and greatness all filled my mental space at once as I stood on a 3’x3’ plywood square left atop the kitchen ceiling joists in our unfinished attic space. I mentally breathed it all… Continue Reading “Attic Office Addition Part 1- Lofty Ambitions”

Bad Boy Zero Turn Elite Valve cover leak repair

How to Fix a leaking valve cover on a zero turn mower. This is a common cause of oil leaks on riding mowers and very easily corrected with little time or money. Do it before it causes a catastrophic engine failure. $5 now can save a thousand later!