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Ace Salt Cell FAQ for Hotsprings spas and Scepter Replacement Cell installation

The Watsons Hotsprings “ACE salt water sanitizing system lacks any real published detail. Our Hotsprings Pulse spa recently had an error message and here is what I learned…ACE Salt cells need replacement around every 18 months! This can cost over $1000!!! Save BIG money on salt cell replacement with this alternative solution.

9 Common Wiring Mistakes and Code Violations

Link to an excellent article at Finehomebuilding.com I have referred to several times during home projects. http://www.finehomebuilding.com/pdf/021190076.pdf

Replacing CFL surface mount lights with LEDS

Lighting in closets is often suboptimal. You can easily replace CFLs and halogen lights with bright energy efficient LEDs using surface fixtures.

Portable Backup Home Generator project part 2. Making a connection.

In this second article we explore getting the power from a portable generator to a residential home using a manual breaker interlock.

Whole Home Portable Backup Generator project Part 1 – the DuroMax XP13000EH portable generator

This post details safely connecting a portable generator to your home electrical panel to power essential power items such as refrigerators and lighting.

Installing your own Hot-tub spa.

It is possible to install your own hot tub but pay critical attention to codes and manufacturers instructions. This article presents some Electrical and site considerations for properly installing a hot-tub spa.

Connecting Extension cords together.

It occurred to me as I connected my shop vac to an extension cord that there is an old trick that is very valuable to keep cords from coming undone while using them. Simply hold in one hand. Cross the cords and loop twisting… Continue Reading “Connecting Extension cords together.”

Installing HALO 6” No-Can recessed LED lights

Adding “No Can” LED ceiling lights is a fast easy and low cost way to brighten up a room.

Adding under counter low voltage lighting

Adding permanent low voltage LED strip lights under your kitchen cabinets may be easier than you think. Here’s how to do it!

Twisted Veins HDMI Cables- Clean up your AV setup

The octopus hanging from my bedroom television is gone. I recently decided that part of being a grownup was having a tv setup that is a bit more “bespoke”. I’m old enough to invest a few bucks in some long AV cables to pull… Continue Reading “Twisted Veins HDMI Cables- Clean up your AV setup”