Tag: Home Improvement

Cordless shop vac trick

Tip on using a shop vac to save money on filters

Rust spots on bathroom tile

Fix rust spots on bathroom tile for good with this one tip

9 Common Wiring Mistakes and Code Violations

Link to an excellent article at Finehomebuilding.com I have referred to several times during home projects. http://www.finehomebuilding.com/pdf/021190076.pdf

Astro turf

In areas where grass just won’t grow…consider a less natural approach with immediate results.

Portable Backup Home Generator project part 2. Making a connection.

In this second article we explore getting the power from a portable generator to a residential home using a manual breaker interlock.

Easy fix Freezer problems

Before you call out the repairman try these simple steps to get your freezer ice cold.

In-wall shelf trim replacement

I am not a wood worker. Generally the best I can hope for is to make big wood smaller. I built some functional in-wall shelving a while back and decided to try my hand with a router. The results were terrible. Basically the idea… Continue Reading “In-wall shelf trim replacement”

Installing HALO 6” No-Can recessed LED lights

Adding “No Can” LED ceiling lights is a fast easy and low cost way to brighten up a room.

Attic Office Addition – Part 5 interior work, Ceiling joists and HVAC.

Once the exterior walls were done and dried in, finishing up the ceiling rafters was relatively easy. One of the biggest challenges was navigating a heavy LVL into position on the ceiling by myself. In retrospect two 2x10s nailed together would have carried any… Continue Reading “Attic Office Addition – Part 5 interior work, Ceiling joists and HVAC.”