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Ace Salt Cell FAQ for Hotsprings spas and Scepter Replacement Cell installation

The Watsons Hotsprings “ACE salt water sanitizing system lacks any real published detail. Our Hotsprings Pulse spa recently had an error message and here is what I learned…ACE Salt cells need replacement around every 18 months! This can cost over $1000!!! Save BIG money on salt cell replacement with this alternative solution.

Installing your own Hot-tub spa.

It is possible to install your own hot tub but pay critical attention to codes and manufacturers instructions. This article presents some Electrical and site considerations for properly installing a hot-tub spa.

Pool pests

Installing an inground pool may have more of an ecological effect on your property than you think. There are many biosystems we do not notice around us. By digging up dirt and binging in rock we expose areas of earth that have potentially been… Continue Reading “Pool pests”

Little Giant Pool APCP-1700 cover pump and “Cover Blaster” review

If you have a built in recessed cover on your pool you have to get rid of the water on top when it rains or your cover will eventually end up damaged or at the bottom of the pool. There are many auto sensing… Continue Reading “Little Giant Pool APCP-1700 cover pump and “Cover Blaster” review”

H500FDN heat exchanger inspection at 9 months

An inspection of a Hayward H500FDN heat exchanger and corrosion levels at 9 months after install.

In ground residential Pool Contracts – Get it right before you start.

The critical details of purchasing and installing a pools start before it is ever delivered. Many of the major pitfalls consumers face can be addressed upfront. Getting these details right will help your project go smoothly.

Hayward H500FDN Natural Gas Pool Heater Project – Installation & Review

In some areas of the country it’s probably more economical to select an electric heat pump or solar heater but for massive heating power you need a gas heater. We never seem to go halfway with anything and the pool heater was another case… Continue Reading “Hayward H500FDN Natural Gas Pool Heater Project – Installation & Review”